Malawi at fifty four

Happy Independence day to the republic of Malawi and all her citizens. the past fifty four have been progressive, although we could have done much much more. We inherited one of the most fragile nations in 1964 today we are a stable, peaceful and friendly nation more than just a warm heart of Africa.

Malawi has managed to achieve universal healthcare, free primary education, smooth transition of power to opposition partys five times since 1994, moving from a hunger community to a food secure nation, peace,etc although we still face many challenges we will over come them with will and determination.

We appreciate the scarifie by our forefathers from the uprise of Rev John chelimbwe in 1915 to the Nkhata bay revolt of 1958 which lead to the Independence we celebrate as a nation today. May they souls rest in peace. As the youth we are no longer leaders of tomorrow, we are the leaders of today lets join hands a make Malawi a better place for future generations to come.

Happy Independence day Malawi.


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