Tips of Africa

Lets get to know the northern, western, Eastern and Southern most parts of mainland Africa. Get to know the key landmark feature of each point unfortunately the eastern point doesn’t have a landmark. The southern part is where two oceans meet i.e the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

1. Ras Hafun in eastern Somalia is, however, the easternmost point of the African Mainland.

Ras Hafun, Somalia

2. Ras Ben Sakka, also in Tunisia, is the northernmost point in mainland Africa.

Ras ben Sakka, Tunisia

3. Cape point in Cape Town, South Africa is the southern most tip of Africa. Its where the 2 Oceans meet the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

4. Pointe des Almadies or Point Almadies in Cap Vert Peninsula, Senegal, is the westernmost point of the African mainland

Point Almadies, Senegal.

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