A decade for South Sudan

It’s 10 years since South Sudan became the world’s youngest country. South Sudan is located in central Africa. It broke away from Sudan after many years of infighting among clans and became an independent state. It is made up of the 10 southern-most states of Sudan. Nilotes comprise the majority of the population. The dominant religions in the country are Christianity and Islam. Most people in the country, however, happen to be Christians

For some there is little or nothing to celebrate for the past decade. But here are just a few facts about the youngest Nation the Republic of South Sudan.

The Sudd. The Nile River passes through the country forming one of the world’s largest wetlands. Paddle your canoe with the hippos as your company

Boma National Park: Visit the park to witness one of the world’s greatest wildlife migration. About two million animals including kobs, gazelle and other antelope species move from the Sudds and Bandingilo National Park to Boma National Park and then to Ethiopia

Climb the Imatong Mountains which lies close to the border with Uganda. Mount Kinyeti is the highest mountain of the range at 3,187 meters (10,456 feet), and also the highest in the whole of South Sudan. The surroundings are stunning with pristine views and you also get an opportunity to be in touch with the wilderness of the country. The Imatong Forest reserve is also home to many animals like leopards, buffaloes and elephants.

The Imatong Mountains

South Sudan has extensive oil fields that form the basis of the country’s economy. But since the country is landlocked, it runs almost all of its pipelines through Sudan. After a 2012 dispute with Sudan, there is a temporary suspension in production of oil which has shaken the economy.


The Dinka people, a Nilotic tribe from South Sudan are known as some of the tallest people in Africa.

The Dinka people

Pope Francis knelt in 2019 to kiss the feet of the two men whose rivalry helped to spark a civil war that raged for five years in South Sudan, he pleaded with them to live up to their promises in a revived peace agreement they had signed a year earlier. The pope brought the previous warring leaders, President Salva Kiir Mayardit and Vice President Reik Machar, for prayers at the Vatican to reconcile their differences and maintain the peace.

Pope Francis closed a two-day retreat with South Sudan’s leaders Salva Kiir and Reik Machar at the Vatican in April 2019. AP

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