850 Djam bus the worst

This article is solely based on my personal experience with Djam bus company. Djam has the worst ever bus service. It took us four days from Johannesburg, South Africa to Blantyre, Malawi.

After buying the bus ticket for R1600 and paying for luggage R1800, when the bus departed Newton bus station, passengers still had to contribute more money enroute. The reason for this was that since the permit for the trailer was expired and the drivers did not have the required south african driving permits as they had foreign drivers licence, we had to bribe the police enroute.

In Mozambique at the Cuchamano border, the crew had to ask passengers for addtional money to pay for the road permit in Mozambique. Whilst still in Mozambique the bus parked at an Engen filling station in Changara and asked passengers for addtional fuel money as the gauge was low it would not be enough to reach Malawi.

850 Djam bus at Mwanza border, Malawi.

I failed to comprehend why the bus company does not make sure that they have all the required permits which are up to date. The company should also give the crew enough money for fuel, tolls and road permits. By the time one reaches Malawi, the trip would have easily cost you more than R5,000.00 due to the disorganisation of Djam bus company.

As a Malawian i would advise For those travelling to Malawi to avoid 850 Djam bus company at all costs. There are more better organised buses that won’t ask passengers for contributions. The following are the buses are i recommend:

Munorurama bus
Jobela star
Matours coach
Ulemu coaches


  1. Never ever try to use 850 djam bus as I write this I am in they bus which left Wednesday till now we not even in Harare they take weird roots bus host have no respect to the traveller’s very poor communication skill from the drivers as well they drive around looking for people I will never and I mean never recommend this busses to anyone please stay away


    1. From Johannesburg to musina they use the road via bela bela far away from highway patrol cause they don’t have valid certificates. Hope you arrived safely in Malawi at the end of the days


      1. Thank you for this update I was actually checking for a bus to travel to Blantyre this month me I had 2 times bad experience with munorurama that’s why I wanted to try another bus I tried to contact Jobelastar they told me it’s only from Capetown not Johannesburg so which other bus can you recommend please I don’t want to suffer for days on the road.


  2. I do regret that am only finding out about this while too late. This is the worst I ever came across. Friendly advice to fellas, Please try other busses, but not 850 Djam.


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