Travel from Harare to Blantyre

There are actually three options to travel from Harare (Zimbabwe) to Blantyre (Malawi) i.e flight, bus and car. Total distance by road is 609 kilometers. In this article, we will explore two of the three options which are flight and bus.

Harare to Blantyre bus route.


There are both direct and connecting flights from Robert Mugabe international Airport (Harare) to Chileka international Airport (Blantyre). Direct flights are available four times weekly operated by Malawi Airlines. For connecting flights, there is Ethiopian Airlines via Addis Ababa, Kenya Airways via Nairobi, South African Airways via Johannesburg and Proflight Zambia via Lusaka.

At Robert Mugabe international Airport.

Flight time for the direct flights is about 2 hours and costs around USD465.00 on average. Connecting flights take a minimum of 5 hours and costs around USD501.00 on average. Bookings can be done online on any credible travel website or directly on the airlines website or by visiting the specific airline’s office.

Malawi airlines


There are daily bus services from Roadport bus terminal in Harare to Wenela bus depot in Blantyre. The route is served by Three stars, Triptrans, Kenergy and Zupco. Departing at Road port at 7 am morning and arriving at Wenela bus depot 4/5pm in the evening. For those travelling from Blantyre to Harare departure from Blantyre is 06:30am.

The journey from Harare to Blantyre takes about eights hours. It includes a four hour transit in Mozambique through Tete Province, the journey costs USD20.00. Unfortunately it is not possible to book the bus tickets online, one needs to visit the bus offices at Roadport (Harare) or Wenela bus depot (Blantyre).

Intetcape bus at mwanza border post (photo for illustration only)

All the buses enter Malawi through Mwanza border. One should note that, there are no recess stops along the way. It is highly recommended that one carries enough food and refreshments for the journey.


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