A city of more than one million inhabitants, Bafoussam has literally boosted its urban architecture and accommodation capacity with the hosting of the Africa Cup of Nations. The Malawi national soccer team where staying at Vallée de Bana hotel. Bafoussam restored the airport located in the village of Bamoungoum.

Hotel de ville de Bafoussam

The Bafoussam people originate from the Bamileke ethnic group, which are the natives of the region. Claims are made that the Bamileke were descendants of the Baladis who left Egypt in the ninth century of our era. They arrived in the Tikar region around the middle of the twelfth century

The city is a trading centre of the Bamileke peoples, it lies in a densely populated region where coffee, kola nuts, tobacco, tea, and cinchona (from which quinine is made) are grown and pigs and poultry are raised. The town has a trade school, coffee-processing plants, wood and construction industries, and an airfield.

Bafousaam town hall

Bafoussam area is also a gift of nature, as evidenced by the panoramic view of mountain ranges and rivers, many of which have waterfalls. Lake Baleng which is impressively calm and inhabited by a colony of ducks is a definite place to visit.

Overview of Bafoussam

The city is not very rich in natural rivers. The Mifi River runs along the southern part of the city to fall in the void creating the fall of the Metche. Other small streams including Megang, Nlom, and Vava exist in the city. Next to the fall of the Metche, which is a real attraction, Lake Baleng (this crater lake) is also a tourist attraction.

Metchie waterfalls

We thank the people of Bafoussam for hosting the flames. It was an honour to to receive your warm hospitality.

Out and about

Bafousaam Airport
Zidanga hotel
BEAC building in Bafoussam
Making traditional food in bafousaam
Overview of the city


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